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The Return of the Ezer

The LORD God said, “It is not good for the man to be alone. I will make an ezer[helper] suitable for him.” —Genesis 2:18   Three A.M., and my life was about to change forever. I was wide-awake. No, I wasn’t … Continue reading

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Ezer-Warriors Won’t Back Down!

In 2012, Malala Yousafzai, a young Pakistani school girl and activist for education for girls was gunned down by the Taliban in an attempt to silence her for good. Instead, they gave her voice a global audience and drew people … Continue reading

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An Ezer-Warrior battles for Kids & Hope in North Philly

Educator/ezer-warrior Linda Cliatt-Wayman rocked the gathering of 7000+ professional women at the 2013 Pennsylvania Conference for Women when she spoke about her God-given mission as principal of North Philadelphia’s Strawberry Mansion High School. This is another biblical-like story of a … Continue reading

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Young Ezers Rising

“A girl is not defined by what her society sees. A girl is defined by what she sees inside herself.”                                             —Girl Rising How I wish it were that simple. But the simple fact is a girl (at least most … Continue reading

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Ezers Who Share My Birthday

As a child, I always felt my birthday was extra special because May 30th was Memorial Day. My father used to tell me all America celebrated the day of my birth and that was why everyone was flying the American … Continue reading

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Once An Ezer, Always An Ezer

After the death of a loved one, you start counting off the firsts. First trip home when he’s not there; first Thanksgiving dinner; first Christmas; first New Years; first birthday. All of those firsts are hard. Today is another one … Continue reading

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Returning to My Roots

Laurence Voorhies Mouton A trip to France, for me at least, means returning to my roots. My mother’s side of the family passed down a significant chunk of French genes through her father, a red-blooded American, but a Frenchman to … Continue reading

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Colombian Ezers

Frank and I had an unforgettable time in Bogotá, Colombia. You could call it perfect, except I got the flu the night before we came home, which meant staying an extra day and getting some rest we both needed anyway. … Continue reading

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Some words are meant to last

It has been nearly four years since I lost my dad. Even now, those unexpected waves of grief can swallow me. There’s a moment I dread every time I return to my hometown, Portland, Oregon. It comes when I walk past … Continue reading

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An Unexpected Hero!

How far we’ve come since the days when we sought to protect and cherish our women. . . . Have we forgotten that it is our glory to die in their place? —Greg Morse Some evangelical leaders are alarmed at … Continue reading

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