January 12
Seminary Dropout
Finding God in the Margins: The Book of Ruth
PODCAST w/Shane Blackshear

January 31
You Have Permission
“To think seriously about (biblical) patriarchy”
PODCAST w/Dan Koch

February 1
“Boaz and Redeeming Manhood”
My Faith Radio
INTERVIEW: Afternoons with Bill Arnold

February 6
Can I Say This at Church?
“Upending the Patriarchy”
PODCAST w/Seth Price

February 18
Better Questions
PODCAST w/Chris Nelson, Dan Drake, and Andrew Drake

April 16
Grand Rapids Theological Seminary
2018-19 Talking Points Series
JUSTICE + UNITY: “Toward the Healing of a Fractured Church
Part 3: “Women in the Kingdom”
Grand Rapids, Michigan

April 17-23
Seattle Children’s Hospital
Arden’s surgery for severe hip dysplasia.
Seattle, Washington

May 8
Faith and Life Commission
Franconia Mennonite Conference
Women in Leadership
Lansdale, Pennsylvania

May 18-June 4
Helping out with Arden’s care in Alaska
as she recovers from two reconstructive surgeries
at Seattle Children’s Hospital for severe hip dysplasia.
Anchorage, Alaska

June 2-5 [Cancelled this important event to help out in Anchorage]
Global Consultation for Women in International Christian Leadership
Amsterdam, The Netherlands

June 21-23
Grace Redeemer Church Retreat
      w/Frank A. James
Camp of the Woods
106 Downey Avenue
Speculator, NY 12164

September 6
Cornerstone Presbyterian Church
Women’s Evening Gathering at 7:00pm
5900 Old Bethlehem Pike
Center Valley, Pennsylvania

September 24
Plumstead Christian Middle and Upper School
Plumsteadville, Pennsylvania 18949

October 25
Theology of Marriage: A Necessary Conversation
Denver Seminary
Denver, Colorado

November 9
“Confronting the #MeToo/#ChurchToo Crisis”
Missio Seminary
1-Day Seminar
Saturday, 8:30am-4:30pm
421 North 7th Street, 6th Floor
Philadelphia, PA 19123
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