Understanding Purpose


Right in the middle of writing Lost Women of the Bible, I got a call from Mary Graham, President of Women of Faith. She had heard about my work through a mutual friend, Judy Nelson Lewis, and wondered if I’d write a volume on a woman’s purpose for their Bible study series. Well aware that the WOF audience is wildly diverse, she wanted a study that was inclusive of every woman and young girl their ministry touched.

It was an invitation I couldn’t resist.

This Bible study is a great way to wrestle through the ideas presented in my other books. It’s designed for you to do on your own, with a friend, your mother or your daughter, or in a study group.



“I am going through your Understanding Purpose study right now.  It is BRILLIANT!  I feel like I’ve been able to learn and absorb in three different ways these ideas you’re communicating:

1) reading your books,
2) hearing you speak, and now
3) as a personal Bible study through this study;

I’m enjoying this time with the Lord as I reflect on all these verses in my time with Him and think about his purposes for me!  And talk with him about it!!  And the outline in the book is brilliantly helpful to me in sort of visualizing a framework of the whole idea of purpose.  So I am LOVING that.  And what a fantastic study that booklet would be for a small group!”

Libby Cannizzaro, Women’s Ministry Coordinator, The Falls Church Anglican

Table of Contents

Introduction—Does One Size Really Fit All?

Finding My Purpose . . . 
Chapter 1     In a Broken World
Chapter 2     With a Little Help from Oprah
Chapter 3     As A Daughter of Eve
Chapter 4     On God’s A-Team

Pursuing My Purpose . . .  
Chapter 5     At the Feet of Rabbi Jesus
Chapter 6     In the Trenches
Chapter 7     On the Frontlines
Chapter 8     Behind the Scenes

Living My Purpose . . . 
Chapter 9     In the Home
Chapter 10   In the Church
Chapter 11   In the World
Chapter 12   Awakening the Warrior in Me

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