January 29-30
Evangelicals 4 Justice Online WEBINAR
Theme: Race, Gender, and Christian Nationalism
——————The Impact of Trumpism on Evangelicals
Panel Topic: “Inroads of Trumpism among white women and in communities of color”
—with Jonathan Cavillo, Andrew Cheung, and Leroy Barber

February 16
PODCAST: Worthy—Celebrating the Value of Women
—with Elyse Fitzpatrick and Eric Schumacher
Topic: “The Blessed Alliance”

February 18, 1pm/ET
Faith Radio PODCAST: The Connected Life Book Club
Topic: Lost Women of the Bible
—with host Summer Shepherd

February 26, 5pm/ET
Faith Radio INTERVIEW: Afternoons with Bill Arnold
Topics: #MeToo/#ChurchToo and/or Malestrom (his choice)
—with host Bill Arnold

March 12
BOOK DISCUSSION #1: Half the Church
Missio Nexus
Women’s Development Track

March 12
BOOK DISCUSSION #2: The Gospel of Ruth
Missio Nexus
Women’s Development Track

April 14
BOOK DISCUSSION #3: Lost Women of the Bible
Missio Nexus
Women’s Development Track

March 18-21
Society for Pentecostal Studies
50th Annual Meeting
Theme: This is My Body: Addressing Global Violence Against Women
Plenary Title: “Dismantling Patriarchy and Recovering the Blessed Alliance”
The King’s University
Southlake, Texas

April 19
BOOK DISCUSSION #4: When Life and Beliefs Collide
Annual Conference 2021
Missio Nexus Women’s Development Track

April 22
WEBINAR: Missio Nexus
Host Wendy Wilson, Director
Women’s Development Track
Topic: “The Blessed Alliance “
—with Frank James

April 28
WEBINAR: “An encounter with Ruth”
Churches Together in All Lincolnshire, UK
Hosted by: Lincolnshire Methodist Church
Moderator: The Revd Bruce Thompson Chair Lincolnshire Methodist District ——Rev Bruce blogs at  revbrucethompson.wordpress.com

I’ll be presenting with
Rabbi Jonathan Wittenberg
Author, Senior Rabbi of Masorti Judaism UK, and
Rabbi of New North London Synagogue

To attend and receive ZOOM info, contact Alison:  PA@lincolnshiremethodist.org.uk 

This is my second WEBINAR with Rev Bruce and Rabbi Jonathan. These conversations are profound and pastoral. Needless to say, I can hardly wait for this conversation! They’ll be recording this one.

October 21
PODCAST: The Bible Reset “Rethinking the Book of Ruth”
Hosted by: Paul Caminiti and Glenn Paauw
A ministry of the Institute for Bible Reading

October 30-31
WEBINAR: “Rise in Strength”
Global Christian Women in International Leadership
Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Plenary Topic: “Up from the Ruins”

Sixty women leaders from 18 nations gathered in Amsterdam June 2019 to celebrate the gifting, service and leadership of women in the Church across the globe. They mourned the injustices women suffer and called on Christians to take steps to honor women’s leadership in family, church and community.

This is their second international gathering.