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  1. Frances Mackenney-Jeffs says:

    Dear Carolyn

    I am a real fan of yours. I sing to a similar tune as my background is a bit like yours. I was single for a long time and have one child. The church does not like the perspective that we hold of it being a very excluding place for women who are not mums with toddlers. MY husband is amazing and without him I would never have been able to develop the way I have. He supported me practically to do my PhD in theology as he thought it was part of my calling – even our calling.


  2. Jim diefenderfer says:

    I have been reading Carolyn’s books and have heard her speak on one occasion. She certainly is promoting women to exercise their talents. But I think overall to express women as pastors and elders in the new reformed church is lacking in the dynamics of the conversation. In the panel discussion with John Piper and Mr Hanson when Mr Piper says biblical that women are excluded from authority rule she had an opportunity to disagree and redirect to hierarchy rule within the church. What I’ve been hearing most women agree with Carolyn but are content on teaching women and assisting men, sharing in singing, and teaching children Sunday school. Help me to understand a stronger approach to challenge men in the reformed church to be moved and grieved over the injustices of the development of the mature bride that Jesus is coming to gather for himself


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