Emptying Fills the Soul

Nicholas Kristof’s latest piece in the NY Times carries echoes of what God had in mind for us in the beginning–getting caught up “to work with others on a cause larger than yourself . . . being hard-wired to be altruistic.”

Doesn’t that sound like the Blessed Alliance?

In times of crisis, such as we are witnessing in Haiti, we are distracted from our selfish pursuits, compelled to think of others and reach out to them. This is where we uncover clues that tell us who we were meant to be and what it means to become our true selves. Not because God is running some kind of matching fund whereby He returns to us in hard cash whatever we give away. The Gospel is deeper than that.

There may be far more to the second Great Commandment than we yet realize.

Read Kristof on: Our Basic Human Pleasures: Food, Sex and Giving

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