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Tamar: The Righteous Prostitute

“Warring Brothers” is an appropriate subtitle for the book of Genesis. Fierce sibling rivalry among brothers dominates the entire Genesis storyline. Jesus warned that there would be “wars and rumors of wars” (Matthew 24:6). History has played out exactly as he said with … Continue reading

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Check out these Podcasts!

At the risk of overdoing things, below are links to 3 podcasts I want to recommend. Recently, all three invited me to discuss my work and, in particular, Malestrom: How Jesus Dismantles Patriarchy and Redefines Manhood. All three were interesting, encouraging conversations—people … Continue reading

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DetermineTruth Podcast: The Blessed Alliance

God’s Spirit has a marvelous way of harnessing those painfully confusing stretches of our stories to take us deeper in our relationship with himself. Our struggles provoke new and different questions about God and life that we would otherwise never … Continue reading

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Something to ponder . . .

“Reading the signs of the times requires a church capable of standing against the legitimating stories of the day. American Christians often think that if we had been confronted with someone like Hitler we would have been able to recognize … Continue reading

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PODCAST: Recovering the Tamar/Judah Story

Find Hope Here Podcast: “If you’ve ever struggled to understand the story of Judah and Tamar from Genesis 38, I’ve got you!! In this episode, Carolyn Custis James shares a framework for understanding the stories of scripture. And why Tamar, … Continue reading

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Redemptive Disruptions: How They Shape Our Stories and Reshape Our Theology

The moment the word “why” crosses your lips, you are doing theology.—When Life and Beliefs Collide: How Knowing God Makes a Difference It is sheer fiction to imagine that following Jesus means we can skate through life without stumbling over … Continue reading

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Malestrom 2022

If you’ve already read Kristin Kobes Du Mez’s Jesus and John Wayne: How White Evangelicals Corrupted A Faith and Fractured a Nation, you no doubt agree with Beth Moore’s assessment, that evidence of evangelical clergy abuse (multiple varieties) that Du … Continue reading

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A word from Malestrom . . .

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Review: Malestrom—How Jesus Dismantles Patriarchy and Redefines Manhood 

This review was originally published in the Journal of Urban Mission. It is republished here with permission. Reviewer: Stephen S. Taylor, Associate Professor of New Testament at Missio Seminary. His comments regarding how we interpret the Bible are alone worth … Continue reading

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Disarming Patriarchy

“Church is one of the least safe places to acknowledge abuse. . . It is with deep regret that I say the church is one of the worst places to go for help. That’s a hard thing to say, but … Continue reading

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