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#MeToo and #HeToo—Holding Abusers Accountable is Good for Them

Current events have a way of shedding fresh light on ancient biblical texts. The steady stream of sexual assault allegations currently dominating the news has cast a blazing beam of light on an ancient biblical text I’ve been working on … Continue reading

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Reason to Always Be Thankful

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Postcard from the Malestrom

In view of the current avalanche of sexual harassment and abuse allegations—implicating men from Hollywood to Congress (both sides of the aisle) to Silicon Valley to the Oval Office to the church—Christians have to get honest. We need to ask … Continue reading

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The Many Faces of Martin Luther

“Brilliant, tormented, passionate, scatological, superstitious, devious, loyal, bitter—pick an adjective, good or bad, and it invariably applies to the German reformer Martin Luther at one time or another in his turbulent life. . . . The towering figure who changed … Continue reading

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Stan the Man!

It was one of those moments I will never forget. I was at a Synergy conference when I asked a roomful of Synergy women how many of them were involved in ministry because of the advocacy of a man. Nearly … Continue reading

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Something to ponder . . .

“The small nuances of our day-to-day attitudes, acts, and words brought to their final fruition, turn out to be the stuff that heaven and hell are made of. . . . Every attitude, act, and word of ours partakes, alas, … Continue reading

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Why Vindicating the Vixens Matters

A week from now (November 15-17 to be precise) the Evangelical Theological Society (ETS) will gather for the 69th time. This year’s conference (held at Providence, Rhode Island) will be my first venture into an organization that for most of … Continue reading

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