Malestrom 2022

If you’ve already read Kristin Kobes Du Mez’s Jesus and John Wayne: How White Evangelicals Corrupted A Faith and Fractured a Nation, you no doubt agree with Beth Moore’s assessment, that evidence of evangelical clergy abuse (multiple varieties) that Du Mez documents “is staring us in the face.” Even more troubling, since the release of J&JW, further evidence of this crisis continues to emerge as new abusive scandals involving well-known and influential evangelical leaders continue to come to light.

The impact is shattering on individuals who have trusted and benefitted from the ministry of these disgraced leaders. It raises questions that may make us squirm, but we owe it to Jesus to askboth “How can we make the American church a safe place for the vulnerable?” and also “How does accepted evangelical theology create an environment that is conducive to abuse in the first place?”

My book, Malestrom was already tackling the second question when it was first released in 2015. The 2022 softcover release connects the dots between the abuse crisis Du Mez exposed and patriarchy as a major causative force in this crisis.

Anyone expecting Malestrom 2022 to be anti-male will be disappointed. Instead, Malestrom advocates for men and boys and raises issues we should all be engaging on their behalf, as well as for the sake of the church and the safety of all of us. It features a line-up of men in the Bible who are often overlooked, especially when the subject of manhood is on the table. But God is in their stories and encounters them in powerful ways that compel them to shed patriarchy’s demands and embody a gospel view of masculinity that reflects Jesus.

I think you’ll love their hope-filled stories.

This 2022 Malestrom includes Kristin Du Mez’s foreword that connects Malestrom to the serious discussion Jesus and John Wayne ignited. I’ve added a new preface and an afterword.

Don’t miss the special price Amazon is offering. Make sure you order the blue softcover edition: Malestrom: How Jesus Dismantles Patriarchy and Redefines Manhood!

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6 Responses to Malestrom 2022

  1. Helen Chen says:

    Dear Carolyn,

    How are you doing lately, have you completely recovered from your injury?

    Thanks for the introduction to your important book. Quick question, when would the Amazon special offering price start?

    Blessings, Helen


    • Good to hear from you Helen. Hope you are well. I’m doing fine. Thanks for asking. Malestrom sale price is on now: $7.40/ea.


      • Helen Chen says:

        For your awareness, Carolyn, the $7.40 price is not from Amazon, but by a third party seller (lionandlambohio) on Amazon so there is a $3.99 delivery charge associated with it…

        I assume you were referring to Amazon’s own offering of $7.40 instead of this one, is that the case?

        Blessings, Helen

        On Tue, Sep 6, 2022 at 12:56 PM Carolyn Custis James <> wrote:

        carolyncustisjames commented: “Good to hear from you Helen. Hope you are > well. I’m doing fine. Thanks for asking. Malestrom sale price is on now: > $7.40/ea.” >


  2. Carol Freeman says:

    I absolutely love Malestrom! I have listened to the original edition on Audible 5X and now have bought the new edition in paperback. I love how you capture the truth that though power is far too often used violently, in godly men like Judah, Boaz, Barak and Joseph, these men of great strength went cross-grain against their culture’s abusive patriarchal system and used their God-given power for its original purpose – to team up with ezer women of strength to reflect the character of God to the vulnerable, the oppressed — those of us in the margins. Thank you so much. I have listened to all of your books on Audible multiple times! I listen while I walk , so now I love to exercise because it means I can listen to God’s word and your books!


    • Thank you Carol! I do love the stories of these men and how they are transformed and actually strengthened, not weakened. The women in the Bible I’ve written about led me to these remarkable men. The men led me to re-examine patriarchy and to see the gospel brand of masculinity they ultimately embodied. Glad the books are getting you in shape! -CJ


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