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Whole lotta shakin’ goin’ on!

It always does my heart good when the book of Ruth makes the ground shake underneath someone else’s story too—especially when the quake hits while they’re reading Finding God in the Margins or  The Gospel of Ruth. Which, of course, makes it worth … Continue reading

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Male Power and Privilege—Destructive or Subversive?

The much-anticipated Singapore Summit put male power and privilege on full display. It was a meeting between two men whose ascendance came from the privilege of birth, crushing their rivals (often by bullying and brutal means), and the power of … Continue reading

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They Came Out Swingin’!

Every writer owes a lot to people who take the time to read their work and become advocates afterwards. I’m especially indebted to two women whose reviews I’ve posted below. I’m a big Sarah Bessey fan. In my endorsement of Jesus … Continue reading

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Something to ponder . . .

“The present rule of the ascended Jesus Christ and the assurance of his final appearing in judgment should give us—which goodness knows we need today—some clarity and realism in our political discourse. Far too often Christians slide into a vaguely … Continue reading

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You’re Here for a Reason

One of my greatest pleasures as a mom was reading to my daughter. Since she was our one and only, I read to her until we got into the classics. Each book was an adventure of imagination that we shared … Continue reading

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Buckle up Buckaroos!

There is more to the Bible than you know. The path to spiritual growth (so we are told) is to have our daily “quiet time”—a private time of Bible reading and prayer that gets us focused for the day. Some … Continue reading

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Men say the darnedest things . . . especially about women

When it comes to comparisons, Benjamin Franklin and Boaz the Bethlehemite have a lot in common. Both occupy prominent spots in their country’s history. Both were powerful leaders in political matters and left their mark on human history. And both … Continue reading

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