DetermineTruth Podcast: The Blessed Alliance

God’s Spirit has a marvelous way of harnessing those painfully confusing stretches of our stories to take us deeper in our relationship with himself. Our struggles provoke new and different questions about God and life that we would otherwise never consider. Many of us are learning that we gain new clarity about his heart for us and for his world when the lights go out, darkness engulfs us, and we feel most wounded, forgotten, and lost. 

One of the times that happened to me was when my story veered from the church’s roadmap I’d been taught was God’s calling on me as a woman. It made me realize I was not by far the only female for whom that roadmap was out of reach. That inevitably led me to ask bigger and different questions about God’s purposes for his daughters—all of us, from first to final breath—and eventually for his sons too. It led me to understand that God calls his male and female image bearers to forge a Blessed Alliance to advance his good Kingdom purposes throughout creation (Gen 1:26-28). In essence, men and women need each other to fulfill God’s calling in every point in history, every spot on the globe, and in every situation.

A lot is at stake—not only for women and girls, but also for men and boys, if we diminish or ignore God’s vision for his daughters.

I am still asking questions and am always grateful for opportunities to share what I’ve been learning. It has been life-changing for me and for countless other women. One unexpected outcome is that although my ministry originally focused on women and girls, it is proving crucial to men as well. They have their own struggles and questions. Many also are profoundly interested in what’s happening to their sisters and are ready to listen.

Rob Dalrymple and his partner Vinnie Angelo are in that group of men. Their DetermineTruth Podcast has given me another opportunity to share with others what I’ve been learning. My discussion with Rob that began as a single podcast segment has expanded into two segments. While you’re checking out Part 1 of our conversation (which I hope you will), be sure to take time explore other thoughtful segments Rob and Vinnie have recorded. 

To hear Part 2 of this podcast discussion go here !

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