In the Shadow of Mount Hood

Midnight, it is said, is the portal between this world and the next and is somehow in league with chaos, death, and mystery. It is the moment of dark visitations. So it was for me in December 2006. My sleep was interrupted by a phone call, and I was instantly shocked into full consciousness: My younger brother was trapped in a snow cave on Mount Hood, and an unyielding blizzard prevented rescue.

In the Shadow of Mount Hood:
Meeting God in the Mystery of Grief

by Frank A. James III
Published September 2010, Christianity Today

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3 Responses to In the Shadow of Mount Hood

  1. Annette says:

    That is a moving article, Carolyn. We remember vividly that time, and continue to think of and pray for your family regarding your loss. Give Frank our love (we miss him out here, although it's great to see you out here regularly!)


  2. Mark says:

    Read Frank's heart-felt, honest, real and deeply moving essay in Christianity Today; printed it and gave a copy to my boss who lost a brother in a car accident a few years ago. Additionally, reading this article was quite a contrast to my graduate class where we are slogging through Heidegger's Being and Time. Our class discussion yesterday was on Being-Towards-Death. Reading Frank's article came at a propitious time in preparing for class discussion.

    We miss you guys down here in the Carolinas. Grace and peace.


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