Lausanne 2010

I made it safe and sound to Cape Town late Thursday evening with lots (!) of other Lausanne delegates who flew from Amsterdam to Cape Town. I’m here representing Synergy at The Third Lausanne Congress on World Evangelism, a historic gathering of evangelical leaders—some 4000+ from over 200 countries—here to discuss issues and opportunities facing the global church.

Lausanne doesn’t officially begin until Sunday. It has already started for me.

From the flight out of Boston all through today, it has been one interesting conversation after another. Gordon-Conwell’s Amy Donovan (already hard at work with Lausanne IT efforts) and LouAnn Stropoli were with me on the plane from Boston. We were joined in Amsterdam, by Katya Covrett, my Zondervan editor (staying in the hotel room next to mine), and dozens of other Lausanne delegates. Lunch today on the square with four women—a Canadian and two Americans with fascinating stories, and dinner tonight with Katya and Mark Russell, another Zondervan author. (If you aren’t yet Mark’s FB friend, you’re already too late. He’s reached the FB 5000 limit.)

Judging from today, great conversations just might be a cure for jet lag, although I take that back if this incoherent.

Best surprise so far? I bumped into the Asian woman who is a spokesperson in the Synergy video. I would have known her anywhere. More on that video later!

Tomorrow: five hours of training as a Table Group Leader. How’s that for diving in head first?

Please pray for me and for this important gathering.

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  1. Susie says:

    Praying… may your energy abound! 🙂


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