Endorsements Coming In …

Here are three of the endorsements that are coming in for my new book—Half the Church: Recapturing God’s Global Vision for Women (due out in March).

There are more to come!

“Carolyn Custis James has written an unusual and compelling book, mixing her personal story with the dramatic changes in today’s world and her thoughtful interpretations of the scriptures and how women can respond with greater fervor to the Bible’s call for change and betterment of the world.”

Sheryl WuDunn, Co-Author of Half the Sky 

Once again Carolyn Custis James calls us to radical thinking and living.  Half the Church opens our eyes to the global problems facing women, drives us to God as the only solution and refreshes our passion that we can ‘do something.’   And the writer in me loves Carolyn’s exquisite phrases and vibrant images.  This book is a must-read and I will be giving it to many people.
Judy Douglass, Director of Women’s Resources, 
Campus Crusade, President’s Office 

“Carolyn Custis James expertly weaves contemporary reality with biblical story. Reaching into the Old Testament as well as the New, Carolyn, shows that God has always been and continues to be at work through women and girls. They are, like men and boys, His image bearers. This book should open the eyes of everyone who takes Jesus seriously to the horrendous injustices against women around the world and provoke within us a serious drive to do something about it. The day is near (and I believe this book will help usher it in) when the Church will be a significant cultural catalyst for bringing equality and dignity to women and girls around the world by providing education, empowering women with microloans, and liberating them from oppressive regimes, sex trafficking circles, and secular philosophies that are ultimately degrading to them. It is time for the other half of the church, men, to be strong and courageous and do all we can with all we have to bring divine freedom to women and girls so they can be all that God created them to be.”

Mark L. Russell, Founder and CEO of Russell Media, Author and Speaker

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  1. Suzanne B says:

    Can't wait to read it! Have preordered on amazon.


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