Don’t Miss The Rest of The Story!

Missing this year’s Synergy conference is like watching a cliff-hanger movie and walking out before you learn how things turn out. Instead of seeing how things come together into a completed story, you’re left with pieces of a puzzle.

For the past three years, we’ve been asking deep questions about our place in God’s Story for the world and collecting pieces of the puzzle.

Together, we’ve learned that:

  • all of God’s daughters have leading roles as ezers in his Story
  • when God’s male and female image bearers unite as allies for God’s purposes, kingdom power is unleashed in the world 
  • God reverses the destructive effects of conflict in our stories to shape us into kingdom leaders and ready us for the challenges ahead.

Synergy2011 will connect these pieces—ezers, Blessed Alliance, and conflict—into a jaw-dropping global vision that will ignite our hearts and mobilize us to engage our mission as God’s image bearers and followers of Jesus in every arena of life.

GUEST SPEAKER! This year, we have the rare opportunity to hear Pulitzer-Prize winning journalist and bestselling author, Sheryl WuDunn.  Sheryl is a leading expert on the global crisis impacting millions of women and girls today. Half the Sky describes this crisis as “the paramount moral challenge” of the twenty-first century. Sex trafficking, female genocide, poverty, child marriages, honor killings are some of the topics she has researched.

So when the curtain rises at Synergy2011 on the final act of this 4-part series, make sure you and your friends are buckled up with the rest of us and ready for The Rest of The Story!

NOTE:  If you’ve missed any or all of those first three conferences, we’ll bring you up to speed with our pre-conference session Friday—a don’t miss session for newcomers and a recharge session for past attendees coming back for more.

March 4-6, 2011

In SUNNY(!) Orlando, Florida

For more information and to register, go to:

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