Coming Down the Home Stretch

We’re coming down the home stretch on the Midday Connection series about Half the Churchwith only two more sessions to go. This week we’ve reached the chapter entitled “The Great Debate”—a major consideration for all of us, and yet …  Well you can either read the book and/or listen in to find out where this discussion will go. I hope you’ll do both.

Midday Connection, hosted by Anita Lustrea (left) and Melinda Schmidt airs daily at 1:00 ET/noon CT. You can listen online or check their website for local listings.  If you missed a previous broadcast, they’re filed by date, and you can listen here to catch up.

  • April 6:     Introduction—Seeing Beyond Ourselves
  • April 13:   Chapter 1Going Global  (I was in the Moody Radio studio for this session and got caught on video, which Midday has posted on FaceBook.) 
  • April 20:  Chapter 2Identity Theft 
  • April 27:  Chapter 3—Bearing God’s Image in a Broken World  
  • May 4:      Chapter 4The Shaping of a Leader’s Soul 
  • May 11:    Chapter 5The Ezer Unbound 
  • May 18:    Chapter 6Here Comes the Bride! 
  • May 25:    Chapter 7—The Blessed Alliance
  • June 1:     Chapter 8The Great Debate 

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1 Response to Coming Down the Home Stretch

  1. Carolyn,
    Do you think women should be able to be ordained and preach in churches? Wondering what your thoughts are on that specifically.

    An Ezer,


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