Going Camping!

Lucky me!  Sunday morning I’m bound for Michigan’s Upper Peninsula and InterVarsity’s beautiful Cedar Campus . . . for a week!

That’s not even the best part.

I’m going for InterVarsity’s Leadership Institute, where I’ll be speaking every evening to a gathering of young future leaders about their callings as God’s Image Bearers, ezer-warriors, and members of the Blessed Alliance, how these callings come to life in the lives of Naomi, Ruth, and Boaz, and what are the implications for us today. I expect this will lead to some interesting discussions.

And while “camp” is not usually my cup of tea, if this week goes anything like the last time I went (in 2009), I’ll come home more encouraged than ever because of what God is doing in the lives of today’s young people and filled with fresh hope for the future!

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2 Responses to Going Camping!

  1. Jani D. says:

    Wow Carolyn – I just finished your book “Half the Church” today . . .I am 43, seminary grad with a Masters of Divinity (Asbury), married to a pastor, mother of 6 children, and your book really helped me as I have felt lost in the midst of all that and the ideas of the greater church's thoughts about husband's being the head, men being the leaders, and frustrated that after all that education and all this time I still have been confused.
    I couldn't resist commenting on your Cedar Campus blog because InterVarsity is where I first was encouraged to truly be a leader and I attended leadership camp at Cedar Campus 3 different times! I am looking forward to reading through your book a second time now that I know where you are going with the book so I can absorb more and hopefully begin to see some things more clearly. Thank you for your contributions to the Kingdom!


  2. Is that your campsite destination? Wow! It look absolutely breathtaking! Kinda like the bird's eye view shots of Survivor. Good luck!


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