Still Jealous?

Several days ago, I sat across the table from Alice Mathews in a nearby restaurant. I had her all to myself for a leisurely (!) lunch. We were there for several hours. Afterwards I posted on Twitter and FaceBook,  

“Enjoyed a 4-hour face-to-face w/Alice Mathews. If you’re not jealous of me, you should be. What a wealth of wisdom!”

Right away, a bunch of FB friend admitted feelings of jealousy.  Anyone who’s heard her speak at one of our Synergy conferences surely felt at least a twinge. 

Well, I have just the cure. Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary (one of Synergy’s seminary sponsors) is again offering a D.Min. track in Effective Ministry to Women with Alice Mathews at the helm. Women in this program are guaranteed quality time with Alice. Doesn’t get better than that!

Having Alice as a mentor is reason enough to enroll, although the program speaks for itself, not to mention the other professors participating. This link explains everything you need to get started:

Who knows? Maybe while you’re in the neighborhood, we can get together for coffee, and I can have a face-to-face with you!

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3 Responses to Still Jealous?

  1. I remain jealous, as I live in Indiana! More than that, I just mentioned her name a few days ago. She is a model for many of us in our middle years that would still like to obtain further theological degrees.

    I am trusting the Lord on this, and keeping my eyes and ears open! Heave a great weekend, Carolyn. Thanks for all you do and say on behalf of “half the church”.


  2. Oops! Don't “heave a great weekend”, have a great weekend! : )


  3. Carolyn says:

    Glad to hear you're weighing your options Peggy. I'll try not to “heave” the weekend.

    For anyone interested in hearing from someone who has taken this program, my friend Cynthia Fantasia wrote on FaceBook:

    “I took the plunge several years ago, graduated in 2005. Stretched my mind, expanded my world, I will never be the same! And time with Alice – priceless!!


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