Synergy Ramps Up!

If you think Synergy is in a holding pattern, think again!

The very name “Synergy” implies activity. Even when we “pause” to assess where we’ve been and gear up for where we’re going, Synergy momentum can’t be stopped!

So let me catch you up on what is happening as we ramp up from Phase I to Phase II.

First, many thanks for your strong response to our board’s decision to press the “pause” button temporarily after Synergy2011 to seek God’s guidance and build a strong foundation for what comes next. Your enthusiastic support for this decision and for Synergy’s next phase is a reminder of the importance of our network and just how much we need each other.

Here’s what’s been happening since our June announcement.

1)   We’re currently in the middle of moving forward with the four major strategies we defined:

  • Synergy Board: Our new board chair, Susie Lipps, is doing an excellent job of leading the charge for board expansion and development.
  • Fund Raising: We have our work cut out for us, but Sharon Denney and I, along with our board, are focused on fund raising and leaving no stone unturned. The photo above was taken recently when Sharon was in Boston from NYC for some face-to-face fund raising planning with me and strategic meetings in the Lexington area. The location of our meeting and Sharon’s insatiable desire to explore during gaps in the schedule (people who know her will understand) explain why we happen to be at the Minute Man National Park.
  • Regionals: Even though we’ve temporary postponed booking regionals, initial conversations are already taking place for regional conferences in Los Angeles, Portland, and Boston.
  • Phase II Infrastructure: We’ve taken a major step towards building an appropriate infrastructure by outsourcing our accounting and business operations to Mission Well in California.

2)   Small groups are piloting new ideas and developing strategies and resources that we believe Synergy can multiply nationally as we build a stronger more active network, facilitate strategic new initiatives, and mobilize more women for the Kingdom.

    •  In Massachusetts, the Gathering for Hope was launched a year ago by Brooke Sulahian for women to educate themselves about justice issues and organizations and wrestle with the question: What can I do? This past Monday, a second Gathering for Hope was formed.
    • Across several states, a cohort of women in similar ministry situations are fleshing out how to build bridges and move toward a Blessed Alliance in their churches.

    3)  We are shortly to announce a new national initiative to engage the Synergy Network in stimulating conversations with significant thought leaders, such as Chai Ling, Andy Crouch, and others.

    We can’t do any of this without God’s help and without your support.  Please keep us in your prayers. Consider becoming a regular Synergy supporter.  And definitely stay tuned for more details! (That’s one more reason to “LIKE” the Synergy FaceBook Page!)

    Moving forward together,

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