EzerWatch with Chai Ling

In case you haven’t already heard, this Monday, November 21, Synergy is launching EzerWatch!—a series of webcast interviews with today’s thought leaders.

Our first guest is Chai Ling, whose book, A Heart for Freedom, I reviewed back in October when it was first released. You will not want to miss this opportunity to hear from her!

Ling was the commander-in-chief of the student protest at Tiananmen Square in 1989. Her involvement placed her on China’s “most wanted” list and forced her to flee to the West. Remarkably, none of that has stopped her.

She went on to earn degrees from Princeton and Harvard, started Jenzabar, a educational software company, and more recently has launched AllGirlsAllowed, a strategic human rights organization to fight girls and mothers in China whose lives are being lost or shattered under China’s One-Child Policy.

This is an ezer story we need to hear!

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But above all join us on Monday, November 21, at 1:00pm/ET!

For more information about how to register for and view this FREE webcast, go here.

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