Preparing to Summit

In a matter of hours, the Freedom Climbers will reach the summit. I only wish we could watch it as it happens.

This from Day 4 Report:

“Uhuru Peak is the climber’s final destination and the highest point.  The climbers will begin the summit in the dark, at midnight on Kilimanjaro, with flashlights on their heads.  They will climb far above the sunrise.  After they summit, they will hike many miles back down to about 7,200 ft.  This will help them breathe easier and start feeling better, but it is about a 12 hour hike tomorrow.”

At 6 pm/ET this evening, their final 12-hour climb begins that will take them to the summit and then start their descent.

There’s a lot more on their website—photos, reports from the climbers, and more information on what they’ve accomplished and what they’re facing now. 

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2 Responses to Preparing to Summit

  1. Monica says:



  2. Carolyn says:

    The spectacular sunrise tomorrow will be part of their reward.


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