Domaine Lyon Saint Joseph

Every once in a while, I take an unintentional hiatus from sending out The Ezer Report. It has happened again over the past several months.

2011 ended with the devastating news that my father has lung cancer. My family has been in this battle with him ever since. I’ve been to Oregon three times for extended precious visits with my dad and mom so far this year. He’s survived pneumonia and one round of radiation that miraculously reduced the tumor by a third! Despite these gains, he’s lost a lot of ground, and, as many know who have been through this, the grief starts early.

At the same time, life doesn’t stop. The year has been rich with opportunities to speak in interesting venues. Wednesday, June 13, I travel to Lyon, France for Lifesprings Ministries International’s women’s retreat at Domaine Lyon Saint Joseph (pictured above). The facility is a former philosophy seminary. Just walking into the building may do wonders for a person’s IQ. At least I can hope. What they do promise is that the place is peaceful, which sounds too good to be true. Last year, I taught at the Lifesprings School in Zurich, so I’m eager to reconnect with their leadership and to meet the women they are ministering to in France. 

So at least for the moment, I’m back and hoping you have a peaceful, pleasant summer!

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