Luther Again …

“I wonder whether Peter, Paul, Moses and all the saints, fully and thoroughly understood a single word of God that they had nothing more to learn from it, for the understanding of God is beyond measure …. Who understands in all of its ramifications even the opening words ‘Our Father who art in heaven’?”

                 ―Martin Luther, 1531

[Luther’s Works, ed., Jaroslav Pelikan and Helmut T. Lehman, 55 vols. (St. Louis: Concordia; Philadelphia: Fortress, 1955-1976),  54: 9

Surely, Luther’s words are incentive enough for us to keep us digging deeper into Scripture. This perspective fosters a spirit of humility and expectation as we study the Bible, for we have barely scratched the surface of what there is to know about God. And we have always before us the exciting prospect of discovering something new.

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