For my Synergy friends

“To every woman who is showing up day after day to use your gifts as best you can, I simply want to let you know that you have no idea the impact you are having.  There are men and women who will be enriched by your voice and perspective. Young boys and girls also have their eyes on you – you show them what is possible and redefine what is “normal” in church for them.  When you wonder if it matters, when you want to give up and stop putting yourself out there, taking risks and reading the negative emails, when you feel lonely at the table, when you are not sure if you are even doing the right thing…please don’t give up. Remember your church needs your voice, and your presence is providing a richer, fuller, truer representation of the God who calls us all, male and female, into the life-changing work called full-time ministry. The wider church needs to see more and more examples of how your contribution matters.”

Nancy Beach, from “Women in Ministry

To read more from Nancy, check out, Gifted to Lead: the Art of Leading as a Woman in the Church. It’s full of gentle wisdom for both women and men—regardless of your position on the gender debate—who want to find better ways of working together. If you attended Synergy2009, you already have a copy, courtesy of Zondervan.

Here’s my endorsement:

“Women in leadership will discover a treasury of wisdom in Nancy Beach’s thoughtful discussion of the everyday challenges they face. Men—those who fully embrace women’s gifts and those who do so with reservations—will find much to ponder on these pages. Even if you don’t share her perspective, please keep reading. This is an important book that actually models the kind of wise, winsome leadership Nancy advocates.” 

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  1. heather says:

    This is very encouraging. Thank you for sharing.


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