Mission Accomplished & Heading Home!

These women are my heroes!

I’ve gone on so-called “moderate” hikes with them in Colorado. Obviously “moderate” is a relative term. But in anyone’s book, climbing to Mount Everest base camp is in a different category altogether.

But they did summit! and made the three-day return down the mountain. All safe, exhausted, and justifiably exhilarated.

“The same day that we summited, in Kathmandu, the newspaper reported that that day ten traffickers were arrested. The article listed the traffickers’ names, and the prayer team talked about how they wrote down those names and prayed over each individual who was arrested to break their chains because the same bondage that holds these children and women is the same bondage that the enemy, who holds these sick people in bondage, uses. So our prayer team reacted in love towards these people, in prayer for these people, and in intercession for these ten people that they would be delivered.”  

—Tina Yeager, Director, Freedom Climb USA

Check out their blog for more photos and details. Pretty amazing! http://thefreedomclimb.wordpress.com/

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