When Life & Beliefs Colide

Here’s one of those positive emails that just arrived and makes me smile. It was written by a reader to a friend who shipped it to me.

“Have you ever read the book When Life and Beliefs Collide by Carolyn James? It was my salvation, in some ways, when my world was turned upside down a few years back. Anyway, I am so helped by looking through it and seeing the different things I underlined and wrote in the margins. Basically what she is saying is that when everything is looking grim and messed up around you, all that you have to cling to is the character of God and so you need to know His character. The battles will come, the hurt will come, the questions will come, but He never changes. So glad we have that to hang onto! The book has really made me think about and consider more what God’s character is and how I need to trust Him more because of it…..”

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