Chicago Bound!

This weekend, I’ll be Chicago for the annual Redbud Writer’s Guild retreat. I am looking forward to a weekend with great friends I’ve known for years and to making some new some new friends.

I can’t imagine anything better than spending time with this talented and highly motivated group of women. I share their passion for “The Feminine Voice” and am grateful for the ways they’re using theirs. It’s safe to say we can all expect a lot more to be coming from these gifted writers.

Then on Monday, I’ll be over at Moody Radio for a face-to-face interview to discuss Half the Church on Midday Connection with two other important feminine voices—good friends Anita Lustrea and Melinda Schmidt. I’m expecting great conversation before and after the broadcast too.

If you’re interested in tuning in, you can locate a station here.

While I’m away, I’ll be pulling for the Red Sox in the American League Division Series and keeping an eye on their progress against the Rays!  The long-standing three-for-three James Charm is on the line.

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2 Responses to Chicago Bound!

  1. Have a great trip. As former New Englanders — and Porter's been a fan all his life — we thank you for your intervention on behalf of the Red Sox.


  2. Thanks for the wisdom and encouragement you shared with us this weekend. I will especially be thinking of Hannah – the theologian of the monarchy. I am grateful to have been prodded further to think about how the church is impoverished when the voices of women are muted. Blessings and prayers, Carolyn.


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