The Untold Story of Bethlehem

The Bethlehem story began centuries before the travel-weary couple from Nazareth arrived and the young wife delivered her first child. The road to Bethlehem is well traveled. Others who have made that journey belong on Christmas cards too—right alongside the holy family.

This lesson will explore the parallels between two Bethlehem families whose stories bear striking similarities, whose sacrifices foretold the coming of a kingdom that is “not of this world, and who together lead us into a different way of gospel living on the after-side of Christmas.

For those in the Massachusetts North Shore area, I’ll be teaching “The Untold Story of Bethlehem” in Adult Education this Sunday, December 21, at 10:15 a.m.

149 Asbury Street 
South Hamilton MA 01982

Be sure to stay afterwards for the 11:00am worship service. The music (under the leadership of Jack Russell) is breathtakingly beautiful and worshipful. And Patrick Gray delivers some of the best most thought-provoking preaching I’ve heard in years!

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