The Ezer Message Heads West!

January ended on a high note after an  incredible weekend at the Mount Hermon Conference Center with the women of Peninsula Bible Church Cupertino.

Not only was the weekend an unexpected coming-full-circle for me (I have vivid memories of sitting in that same auditorium with my parents and brothers when I was a sixth grader), it was also an opportunity to speak the ezer-warrior message into the lives of a lot of women.

Believe me, that message took!

If you live in the San Jose/Silicon Valley area, don’t be surprised to spot an occasional car sporting an ezer bumper magnet. But I suspect you’ll be seeing a whole lot more than bumper stickers. The women I met are serious about their lives, the gospel, and the kingdom of God, and they are moving forward to engage the challenges, opportunities, and battles wherever God has stationed them!

It may look as though some of those California women got a little carried away with the ezer-warrior message, (especially the worship team with their rhinestone viking helmets!). But frankly this wasn’t the first time something like this has happened. Alaska ezers aren’t holding back either.

Peninsula Bible Church Cupertino Worship Team

Faith Christian Community Anchorage Ezer-warriors

To be honest, I’m not sure it’s possible to get too carried away with God’s calling on our lives or that it’s even worth our time to worry that we might. That whole line of thinking fades if we stop to consider the urgency of the kingdom battles he calls us to fight or the cost to others when we refuse to step up.

If the Parable of the Stewards means anything, Jesus takes a dim view of things when those who follow him hold back with the gifts and opportunities he entrusts to us. Besides, when we see Jesus, what would we rather be explaining to himthat we did too much or too little for his kingdom? 

I’m already hearing back from Cupertino that Peninsula Bible ezers have caught the vision and are determined to live boldly as they follow Jesus in pushing back the darkness and working to reclaim lives and territory the Enemy has seized. This is incredible gospel good news for a lot of people and truly bad news for the Enemy who prefers it when God’s ezers live small cautious lives.   

This weekend, I’m taking the ezer message to Bend, Oregon for New Hope Church Women’s Justice Conference: “Beyond Compassion”  

If you’re in the neighborhood, I hope you’ll join us and get carried away with God’s calling on your life too!

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3 Responses to The Ezer Message Heads West!

  1. Is there any way to order one of those Ezer bumper stickers? 🙂


  2. Kyra D. says:

    Is there any way to order one of those Ezer bumper stickers? 🙂


  3. Carolyn says:

    I knew that would come up. Currently, we are out. But I'm working on getting more. Hopefully, others will want them too.


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