Silence Isn’t Always Golden

“My evangelical brothers and sisters, we have an abuse problem and we need to talk about it. Talking about it does far less damage to Christ’s reputation in the world than covering it up.”            

  —Rachel Held Evans

Rachel’s bold blog post, “Patriarchy and Abusive Churches,” confronts evangelicals with the disturbing issue of sexual abuse within our ranks.

Rachel’s article is sure to rankle some, especially as she identifies cultural forces of patriarchy as contributing factors in abusive situations with compelling examples to back up her assertions. But silence, defensiveness, and inaction cannot be options for those who claim to follow Jesus. Whether you’re complementarian or egalitarian, ignoring the issue or assuming “all is well” wherever you worship inevitably means empowering and providing safe haven for the abuser and putting the vulnerable at risk.

Please take time to read her entire post, including the comments.

We can and must be fearless in raising this and other abuse issues with leaders in our churches and ministry organizations. For resources to help church leaders take appropriate steps to address and prevent abuse and to make the church the safe and healing community Jesus means for us to be, go to G.R.A.C.E.

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1 Response to Silence Isn’t Always Golden

  1. Anonymous says:

    All I can say, is Duh!. .. .get a grip, Christians. . .this is criminal behavior. . .I'm sick of all the talk and all the excuses. you live in the real world? Enough talk. . .. call the police. It's sickening, and it's a crime. period. Why are we still talking about all these churches/ministries/missionary compounds, etc., etc., etc. . ..


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