Help is on the way!

One reason emotionally destructive marriages are able to exist and fester within in the Body of Christ is the fact that people who can intervene—pastors, elders, church leaders, etc.—don’t know what to do.

Wednesday, April 2 (that’s tomorrow!), from 1-2:00pm/ET, RBC ministries is offering a live webinar with experts on the subject. This is a strategic opportunity to raise awareness and learn about how to deal with this ongoing problem that is causing enormous distress, suffering, and harm to women (and no doubt some men as well) who find themselves in an emotionally destructive relationship.

To register for the webinar go to:

IMPORTANT NOTE! The webinar will be available afterward it airs to anyone who pre-registers. But you have to pre-register to have access. 
And please forward the link to your pastors and other church leaders.

If you’re caught in an emotionally destructive marriage or wanting to help someone who is, you will also want to be aware of Leslie Vernick’s new book, The Emotionally Destructive Marriage: How to Find Your voice & Reclaim Your Hope which

“. . . blows the lid off of the silence surrounding this serious epidemic in the church. It is packed with the kind of solid practical wisdom and bracing straight talk women need to face reality and engage safely the crisis in their marriage. Every Christian leader should read this eye-opening corrective to damaging advice often coming from the church to women in abusive marriages. Women who are at the end of their rope will find this book to be an invaluable lifeline.”

—Carolyn Custis James

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