Carolyn Update # 1

Carolyn’s husband, Frank, has been in touch today about how Carolyn is doing. Here’s what he’s asked me to share:

Carolyn went into surgery around 8 AM. My last words to her was to remind her that she is an Ezer-warrior. I was honored to see her off to the front lines.

Carolyn is now out of surgery. The surgeon said all went well and confirmed it was cancer. She will be out of recovery in the next two hours. Thanks for all the prayers.

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2 Responses to Carolyn Update # 1

  1. Hannah says:

    Praying for a speedy recovery


  2. Carolyn, Girlfriends at Central from Central Christian Church in Arizona are all praying for you. You are precious to the Lord, He will continue to lead you through your recovery. Be brave. All our best of hope and grace to you.

    In Christ,
    Kelly O'Donnell


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