Carolyn Update # 13

Just passed week three. Empathetic emails from two friends who have traveled this long post-surgery road to recovery reassured me that, as one of them put it, “Carolyn is normal.”

Nice to know. But I’m really looking forward to a different kind of normal.

Frank is back stateside after his trip to South Korea. As I write this he’s making his jet-lagged way from Kennedy Airport to me.

Heavy rains this past week flooded the Hobbit Hole. So next stop for both of us will be a hotel. Feels like we’re still dipping into that unpredictable box of chocolates.

Please keep us in your prayers.


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2 Responses to Carolyn Update # 13

  1. sandy says:

    Oh the jet lag trip from JFK to Philadelphia I know well. My husband was a United pilot out of JFK. Unfortunately he had to drive home alone after a 13 flight. God protected him for many years…. We also had a flooded basement so I understand the perils of more water than we dreamed possible. Your move has certainly been one you couldn't have “planned “. But with God in the mix this and your health couldn't be in better hands. Praying for your wholeness Carolyn .


  2. heather says:

    Praying. Sorry to hear about the flooding and in the midst of your recovering too.


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