Red Sox Revelation

Frank was out of town, a Fenway Park Red Sox baseball game was just starting on TV, and I had the remote!

As many know, Red Sox baseball is my other (not so secret) love. I do love Frank, but he has limitations—he can’t launch one over the Green Monster at Fenway like Big Papi. So I put on my jammies, fluffed my pillow, moved the chocolates kisses within reach, and turned on the television to watch my Red Sox.

What was supposed to be a perfect evening ended in disaster with the Red Sox getting clobbered by Toronto. It was a humiliating 14-1 defeat which secured their uncontested spot at the bottom of the American League East!  

It was painful to watch—so painful that I almost put one of my post-surgery pain patches on the TV screen. But alas, nothing could relieve my pain or theirs.

I began to reflect deeply on this debacle. What was God trying to teach me?

Perhaps this was payback from the Red Sox recent 14-1 humiliation of Toronto. Perhaps it had something to do with the fact that several 2014 World Series Champion players have been traded to other teams.

Neither of these quite satisfied my meditation. As I continued to reflect, I had an epiphany: I think God was teaching me that the real reason for the decline of the Red Sox is that their secret weapon has moved to Philly.

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3 Responses to Red Sox Revelation

  1. Susan says:

    Caroline, here's yet another reason to envy you.
    Oh that my mere presence could be powerful enough to insure the success of an entire baseball franchise!
    ; )


  2. raswhiting says:

    It appears that your trade to PA was merely the first move in Ben C's grand plan to rebuild the Red Sox! Sorry that you Jonny Gomes, and Jon Lester had to go. 😉


  3. Carolyn says:

    I must admit the trades are disorienting. Let's hope for the best!


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