The Gospel of Ruth

If you haven’t already read it, the reader comment from this past weekend just might encourage you to dive in.

Hi Carolyn!

Early this afternoon five women including myself finished discussing the last two chapters of The Gospel of Ruth.

Wow! I have to admit I didn’t see that coming!

The sacrificial hesed extending from all involved for God’s glorious plan. I will never think of this “little story” in the same way.

You packed so much into those final chapters—our discussion was deep, rich, at times quite personal. At other moments we asked questions and thought for awhile before anyone answered. I kept thinking, “I wish Carolyn was here to hear what these women are saying!”

 Oswald Chambers, in My Utmost For His Highest today (Sept. 6) writes,

“Rivers of living water.” John 7:38. “A river touches places of which its source knows nothing, and Jesus says if we have received of His fulness, however small the visible measure of our lives, out of us will flow the rivers that will bless to the uttermost parts of the earth. We have nothing to do with the outflow – ‘this is the work of God that ye believe…’ God rarely allows a soul to see how great a blessing he is.” 

God has used you to extend His great blessing from the writer of Ruth to five women in a living room in Eagle Idaho. We have been changed, and we have grown closer to Jesus and each other in the process. We kept marveling at the sacrificial love in the story, and the sacrificial love on the cross. The sadness and joy intermingled in both stories.

Not a Cinderella story—much better, to be sure!

Laura Botimer
Cole Women’s Ministry
Boise, Idaho

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