The Synergy Challenge

I remember it like it was yesterday.

It was our second Synergy Conference. Zondervan had just released my second book, Lost Women of the Bible. I had spoken for the first time on Eve and God’s vision for his image bearing daughters as ezer-warriors in a Blessed Alliance with his sons.

It was a pivotal moment for Synergy. The room was electric. It was clear, during the interaction that followed, that the women were energized by that vision as they expressed their passion to live into it. They embraced their identity as ezer-warriors and wanted to shout “ezer” from the rooftops. But as enthusiastic as these ezer-warriors were for their recovered birthright, more than anything they wanted to see that Blessed Alliance become a reality.

This year Synergy reached another pivotal moment.

By becoming part of Missio Alliance we not only have regained a national forum in which to continue supporting and learning from each other, we have joined a predominantly male organization as committed as we are to the Blessed Alliance God envisioned in the beginning. I’ve been to a couple of the Missio conferences, and already I’ve seen evidence of their dissatisfaction with the gender status quo in the church. They want to see things change.

Not to suggest the path before us will be easy, for the oneness Jesus calls us to faces many obstacles—gender is only one of them. And we already know from experience that the process of forging strong partnerships for the gospel can be messy and even painful. But this opportunity is truly golden and utterly worthwhile.

What ezer-warrior in her right mind would walk away from a challenging opportunity like this?!

Come Join us at the 2015 Mission Alliance this conference—those of you who are part of Synergy and those who are new to us and/or new to Missio Alliance.

The conference is May 7-9 in Alexandria, Virginia.

  • Friday morning Zondervan is sponsoring a special Synergy Breakfast Event where I’ll be speaking.
  • Conference presenters include Synergy women: Natasha Sistrunk Robinson, Judy Douglass, Halee Gray Scott, Lesa Engelthaler, Nikki Toyama-Szeto, and yours truly.
  • To register go here.

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1 Response to The Synergy Challenge

  1. Mandy Smith says:

    I'm excited to attend in May and am honored to be presenting. When I'm with the Missio alliance folks I feel at home. They've found a wonderful place of peace and health in all the extremes: practical vs theoretical, engaged with vs afraid of culture, liberal vs conservative. And as a woman in leadership, I have found few places as encouraging.


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