A Sociology Professor Assesses Half the Church

Matt Vos is a husband, the father of two daughters, and a college sociology professor with a lot of gifted female students—all reasons for him to read Half the Church.  Which he did, after his wife read it first and kept reading parts to him.

Not only did he read the book himself, now he has his students reading it. 

His wife, a professional guidance counselor (who also read Half the Sky), described Half the Church as “invigorating and inspiring.” His female students were “energized” by the book. He felt strongly enough about it to write a review essay, just published in the March issue of Dordt College’s Pro Rege Journal.

In the review he writes,

“In the Evangelical community in which we are centered, my wife and daughters almost never see visible symbols reminding them that women’s leadership is important and valued, let alone vital. However, on the male side of the gender divide, my son and I continually observe men (like us), and the symbols they produce, guiding and shaping the institutions that frame our collective lives. I’ve come to see this imbalance as equally problematic for my son and my daughters.”

—Matthew S. Vos, 
Professor of Sociology

Here’s the link to the entire essay (third article in this issue, starts on page 19):

Carolyn Custis James’ Half the Church: Recapturing God’s Global Vision for Women: A Review Essay

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1 Response to A Sociology Professor Assesses Half the Church

  1. Anonymous says:

    I hope a lot of people will see and read this review and Half the Church by Carolyn James and choose to have a part in thinking and acting differently in the church—

    Nancy Mering


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