Seminary Dropout & Malestrom

It isn’t every day that I hang out with a seminary dropout. In fact, the main guy I hang out with (namely my husband) is a “seminary-lifer.” He was a student when we met. Persevered through two doctorates. Then launched his career as a professor and seminary president. 

Marriage to Frank comes with a lot of interesting conversations with him and with other seminary professors, students, and graduates. 

I thrive on those conversations.

Hanging out with Shane Blackshear, an unapologetic “seminary dropout,” to discuss Malestrom was a lot like that.

Like a true seminarian, Shane Blackshear does his homework. He reads a lot of books including the ones he features in interviews. (Evidently old seminary habits die hard.) The upside is that he asks thoughtful well-informed questions that give an interviewee plenty of opportunity to get their ideas on the table. Our discussion of Malestrom is a perfect example. He also has plenty of interesting things to say himself.

To listen to our discussion and gain a good sense of what Malestrom is all about, go to:


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