Young, Wrestling and Always Reforming

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Missio Alliance is coming to Philadelphia!

May 3-4, Missio is hosting the Young, Wrestling and Always Reforming Conference—the Mission of God and the continuing reformation of the Church.

This conference is part of Missio’s Once & Future Mission Series. If you’re anywhere near Philly, an airport, or some other form of transportation, you’ll want to head this way.

The conference includes an exclusive, pre-release screening of a portion of a new 3-part film series produced by the Christian History Institute: “This Changed Everything!” The screening takes place Tuesday evening, hosted and moderated by my favorite Church History scholar, the wonderful Dr. Frank A. James, President of BTS.

If you’ve never heard Frank speak or teach Church History, you’ve been missing out.

Missio has assembled a line-up of speakers who promise a meaty, thought-provoking conference experience. Frank and I will be presenting a workshop on “The Blessed Alliance”—a topic that challenges all of us all to be “wresting and always reforming.”

To learn more and register, go here. Hope to see you there!

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