Bono & Eugene Peterson

If you aren’t one of the over nearly 400,000 people who have viewed this thoughtful conversation between Bono and Eugene Peterson on YouTube, this is for you.

You’re in for a treat

This masterful video was produced by Nathan Clarke who gives us a unique glimpse into the unlikely relationship between two brothers in Christ. The pair were drawn together by their shared love of scripture (especially the Psalms) and a longing for Christian music to reflect the same raw honesty of the psalmist before God.

Bono initiated their friendship when he got his hands on The Message, Peterson’s translation of the Bible into contemporary language. Their conversation gives us lots to ponder.


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4 Responses to Bono & Eugene Peterson

  1. Sandy Hay says:

    I wanted more. This was wonderful.


  2. Worth watching again. 🙂


  3. Pat Lehnen says:

    Thanks for the heads up on this very interesting video. Looking forward to more songs from Bono that are gleaned from Psalms.


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