On the Road Again!


San Salvador

After a relaxing summer, my fall schedule is heating up.

Today, I’m heading to Central America to speak at the Centro Internacional de Alabanza’s Women Congress (Ministerio Entrenosotras) in San Salvador. This will be my second visit to El Salvador. The first was in my pre-Frank James, pre-seminary, pre-writing days. I spent two months in Central America—mainly in Guatemala where I stayed and worked with my aunt and uncle, Don and Pat Rutledge, who were missionaries there. I also spent time with missionaries in San Salvador and Nicaragua.

The Gospel of Ruth: Loving God Enough to Break the Rules class is up and running in the Women’s Bible Study program at Calvary Church, Souderton, PA. Classes go into November (doesn’t meet October 4 and November 8). I’m teaching the class both morning and evening to accommodate different schedules. If you live anywhere in the area, I’d love for you to join us. For information go here.

September 29-30, my destination is Louisville, Kentucky for the Missio Nexus 2016 Mission Leaders Conference.

From there I’ll head straight to Boston for two events at Christ Church of Hamilton and Wenham:

     Sunday, October 2, Adult Education Classes
“Is Jesus good news for women?”

     Monday, October 3 Gathering for Hope/North Shore‘s 5th Anniversary Celebration
(Starts at 6:30pm)



If you haven’t already heard about the MissioAlliance She Leads Conference there are multiple ways of attending.

This conference is open to both men and women. The Blessed Alliance is a subject that is vital to all of us.

The live conference, “Reclaiming the Blessed Alliance for Faithful Mission,” is in Chicago, which we hope you’ll come if you possibly can. Multiple sites will be live streaming this event or you can view the conference from your own home.

How I wish we had done this when we were holding Synergy conferences.

Chicago (live conference)

  Livestreaming in several cities:

Boston, Dallas, Kansas City, Los Angeles, Nashville, Philadelphia, or Seattle

Go here if you’re interested in hosting an event.

Speaking of Synergy . . . lots of Synergy friends will be there. It’s a great opportunity to reconnect and to make new friends. So make plans and sign up to come!

[Photo credit: Renemgb, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=9732284}


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