Heading North!


Next destination is Houghton, New York, where I’ll be speaking in chapel at Houghton College and interacting with students about Malestrom in a class and over lunch this Wednesday.

I’m expecting a very interesting time!

Later that day, I’ll be visiting Houghton’s campus in Buffalo where they are running an AA program for refugee students and partnering with other institutions in the city to help students complete their four-year degree. The program was written up by The Buffalo News:  “Innovative Houghton program offers refugees a brighter future.”

Sounds like the kind of innovative program we could use more of in this country. I must say, I was thrilled to be invited to see it firsthand.


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4 Responses to Heading North!

  1. Pete Ahlstrom says:

    Yvonne and I, and our “kids,” will be praying for you Wednesday.


  2. Don Little says:

    Great that you are coming to visit us in Houghton this week.

    Unfortunately, I am in Haiti, teaching for a couple of weeks.

    May God use your visit in special ways.



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