Harbinger of Moody’s Ezer-Warrior Video

I love Moody Bible Institute’s powerful H.E.R. video released at their 2017 Missions Conference in Chicago earlier this month. Having said that, I can’t resist mentioning another powerful video that broke new ground for women on the global stage back in 2010.

The setting was the 2010 Lausanne in Cape Town, South Africa where I represented the Synergy Women’s Network. Lausanne was a gathering of several thousand representatives from nations around the world. The focus was evangelism. The conference theme was “The Whole World, Taking the Whole Gospel, To the Whole World.

Nathan Clarke of FourthLineFilms.com produced the video on behalf of Synergy women. I wrote the script, applying Lausanne’s theme to women.

The video debuted during a Lausanne plenary session, while a team of international translators communicated the words into different languages.

These videos are powerful vehicles to convey a strong message for and about women! Who will produce #3?

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1 Response to Harbinger of Moody’s Ezer-Warrior Video

  1. terry morgan says:

    Awesome video, Carolyn! Thank you for sharing!


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