ARDEN UPDATE #1: The Mother of all “Time Outs”

The mother of all “time outs” is only a week away.

After her April 18 hip dysplasia surgery, four-year-old Arden faces 11 weeks in a body cast. That’s a long time for a very active four-year-old to be sidelined.

But Arden isn’t the only one who will feel the slow passage of time.

Those 11 weeks will feel interminable to three-year-old Avery. Her little world will tilt off its axis when her bestie won’t be able to play with her.

They have their moments, but the two of them are inseparable.

This won’t be a “time out” for their mommy. Instead it will be a time for Allison to ramp up in new ways to love her little ones through this tough time. She is working on all the numerous details, booking flights, and packing bags.

Many thanks to friends and family who are tracking with us, praying, and contributing to this campaign. We’re a third of the way to our goal and encouraged by the response.

Help us spread the word so others will help too.

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