Ground Hog Day!

Image by LiveLaughLove from Pixabay

Saturday morning my iPhone alarm woke me up at 6am–exactly as it did the day before. I was at home in Sellersville, and my life was eerily on repeat…

I went through the same morning ritual. Showered, put on the same outfit, and ate the same breakfast cereal. The same husband was making coffee in the kitchen. He put my same bags in the car, drove the same route to the Philadelphia International Airport, kissed me goodbye, and waved the same sad good-bye as I entered the terminal . . . for the second time in 24 hours.

This crazy repeat was happening to him too.

I went through the same TSA check point. My ticket listed the exact same American Airline flight number. I went through the same wait for my turn to board. The same hassle finding a bin to store my carry-on. The same buckled up and ready for take-off . . . 

Then came the same captain’s announcement of “a mechanical problem,” along with the same reassurance that “it shouldn’t take long.” But it did. 

There was the same loooong silence while the clock ticked away and the same worried look on passenger faces, including mine. Then came the same follow-up announcement: “They’re looking for a part. Thank you for your patience.”

And for me, the same “Oh no! There’s no way I’ll make my connecting flight.” Same grabbing my bags and exiting the plane. 

It’s all pretty surreal.

Friday Frank drove back to the airport to take me home. Today, Delta came to my rescue. But even Delta faced a slight delay when a fuel truck broke down, temporarily blocking the plane from backing out of the gate. 

I arrived in Anchorage past bedtime and was glad to call it a day, although I missed seeing our two little grand-ezers, Arden and Avery, who were already sound asleep..

Sunday marks the start my two week stay in Anchorage to help Alli as Arden continues the first phase of her recovery with the Spica cast. She’s is schedule for recasting on May 28. Please keep Arden and the rest of us in your prayers as Arden’s ordeal continues. Pray especially for complete healing!

So for the time being, I’m in beautiful Alaska with our girls. That is, unless my alarm goes off again at 6am tomorrow, and I’m waking up back in Sellersville again, smelling the coffee. 

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3 Responses to Ground Hog Day!

  1. I just want you to know I am following your posts via my mother-in-law and praying for Arden during this time. I am a pediatric physical therapist in Anchorage at Alaska Pediatric Therapy and happy to be a support person here if need be. God is sovereign and has wonderful plans for sweet Arden!


  2. Belinda,

    Thank you for sending the information about your work and the Alaska Pediatric Therapy, as well as your kind offer of support. Arden has another round of a Spica cast to go. A brace and physical therapy are next. I’ve passed your information on to Allison, which meant a lot to her. If you want to contact her directly, contact me through my website and I’ll connect the two of you.


  3. Charissa Feltman says:

    Welcome to Anchorage! I’ll continue to keep your whole family in my prayers. 🙂


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