ARDEN UPDATE #20: On Her Feet Again!

Finally, Arden is back on her feet. She can stand by herself and take steps with help. She only wears her brace at night. So the healing and the hard work of learning to walk again continue. But she is up and on her way.

This week she started kindergarten and loves it. A special bus picks her up each day with her wheel chair. The driver reported, “Arden is hilarious!”

She has miraculously maintained her chipper spirit throughout this ordeal, and we will always be thankful for friends and family who have prayed and supported her from the start, and for Dr. Blumberg and Seattle Children’s Hospital. We are blessed to have so much help for our little one. Please do keep Arden in your prayers as she continues the fight to get moving again.

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4 Responses to ARDEN UPDATE #20: On Her Feet Again!


    Praise the Lord! She is a strong young girl that God has been watching over since the beginning of this ordeal. May she continue to heal without any further problems in the mighty name of Jesus!


  2. Pete and Yvonne Ahlstrom says:

    We’re so glad!


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