Redeeming Power

Dr. Diane Langberg’s new and utterly relevant book, Redeeming Power: Understanding Authority and Abuse in the Church, ships October 20 and cannot be released too soon!

It is not overstating things to say this book is as desperately needed as a coronavirus vaccine, for it addresses an ongoing global pandemic that has been with us since the fall of humanity—crushing and shattering human lives. But unlike Covid-19, for which at present there is no vaccine, there is hope for us to recover the goodness of redeemed power as God intended at creation.

Dr. Langberg’s latest book is the culmination of years of professional experience as a psychologist dealing face-to-face with the human wreckage caused by the abuse of power, as well as with abusers themselves and their enablers. Readers will benefit from her candid treatment of the subject, her wisdom in addressing this crisis, and her heart for the church to become a place where power reclaims its goodness for others.

Redeeming Power is available for preorder now! Order a copy for yourself and be sure your your pastor and other ministry leaders know about this important resource.

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