National Love Your Red Hair Day!

With everything else on our minds today, let us not forget today is National Love Your Red Hair Day! Time to celebrate our favorite little redheaded ezer-warrior again. And we have plenty to celebrate.

Arden is six now and in the first grade. She’s two years on the recovery side of her hip dysplasia surgery and she is thriving. No more spica cast! No more wheelchair! Lots of physical therapy and hard work, and she’s on the go again. You should see her fly on her scooter!

Many of you have prayed her through that ordeal and generously helped financially with her GoFundMe campaign. We will never forget your outpouring of support, the ongoing inquiries about her progress, and reminders that you’re still praying for her.

We don’t need reminders to celebrate Arden or her little sister Avery. They both have their hands around our hearts, and we thank God for them.

Happy Love Your Red Hair Day, Arden!

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4 Responses to National Love Your Red Hair Day!

  1. lincrowe says:

    Thanks, Carolyn, for this good update on Arden. We’re so grateful. (Aren’t grands the best?…) Lin & Janet Crowe


  2. Terry McNichols says:

    What a cutie! So glad to hear the good report. We have a 16-year-old red headed grandson so I’ll need to let him know this is his day!


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