No more Cinderella. We need hope!

“. . . this harmless looking little story . . . will awaken us to a whole new way of being human that will reconfigure our lives and leave us longing for more. . . . and will inject rich hope, purpose, and significance into the veins of the most God-forsaken, hollowed-out human soul.”
—————————————————Finding God in the Margins

It doesn’t require any arm twisting to get me to talk about the book of Ruth. I’m always ready to liberate Ruth from the traditional Cinderella damsel in distress just “waiting for her Boaz” and to get to the heart of the story. The book of Ruth is a paradigm changer.

So I certainly didn’t need time to “think about it” when The Revd Bruce Thompson of Lincolnshire Methodist Church UK invited me to participate in a webinar April 28 on the book of Ruth with author Rabbi Jonathan Wittenberg, Senior Rabbi of Masorti Judaism UK and Rabbi of New North London Synagogue.

Revd Bruce had recently hosted a webinar on the coronavirus pandemic back in November 2020, inviting me to be a presenter with Rabbi Jonathan and Professor Ted Fuller of the University of Lincoln, UK and UNESCO Chair on Responsible Foresight for Sustainable Development.

It was a huge honor to participate and unforgettable to hear from these two men. I will never forget hearing Rabbi Jonathan talk about ministry to those suffering and losing loved-ones from Covid-19. Learning about UNESCO’s efforts was truly heartening as well.

I can hardly wait for this next conversation. If you are interested in joining this ZOOM webinar, the welcome mat is out.

To attend and receive ZOOM info, contact Alison: 

Feel free to invite others.

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