Ruth Goes to Uganda!

Photo Courtesy of Lifesprings International

Monday’s email made my day with this incredible photo of Christian ezer leaders in Uganda.

It was a scramble, but 2021 ended with an opportunity to help Lifesprings International wrap up their training session in Uganda by giving each attendee a copy of The Gospel of Ruth—Loving God Enough to Break the Rules. Close to the wire as Lifesprings leaders were leaving the states for Uganda, I got an SOS email saying they’d bought all the books they could find, but it wouldn’t be nearly enough.

So I was privileged to help out. I shipped a box of books to Klamath Falls, Oregon where Terri Labri, a member of the leadership team, packed them in her suitcase and delivered them to this class of Ugandan students.

The photo was accompanied by this good news from Terri:

Greetings from Kampala Uganda! Wow what a historic moment for Lifesprings Int! If you look closely you will see your books were transported safely in my suitcases! . . . The women upon receiving their books opened them thrilled, to begin reading! Despite lots of obstacles and curveballs thrown at us, we were able to gather 85 women from all 5 districts of Uganda! We are full of praise for the work God is doing there! Such a privilege to have been the only one of 4 travel mates that made it. One got Covid the night before travel, one was prevented from getting the yellow fever shot, and the other recovering from cancer! But thank God I did arrive, only after a delayed plane and reroute thru Kenya, no small journey and God was faithful!!

Lifesprings International was birthed when women missionaries in France and their stateside friends grew concerned that Bible training wasn’t available for women, and the demand was growing. I joined their efforts several times as speaker for women’s retreats in Lyon, France and twice co-teaching courses in Switzerland with Fuller Seminary Church History Professor Nathan Feldmeth, first in Zurich and later in Geneva. And the ministry continues to expand.

Now 85 Ugandan ezers are reading The Gospel of Ruth and following through with their Lifesprings course homework. May God bless these women and may Uganda feel the life-giving impact of their ministries!

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14 Responses to Ruth Goes to Uganda!

  1. Linda Moore says:

    This is indeed wonderful news!! Even a little is much if God is in it!! And this is more than a little!

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  2. Bev Hislop says:

    Fantastic Carolyn!! So encouraging to hear this! Praising God for His eternal work!!!


  3. 21gloryhunter26 says:

    This is so wonderful!!!  I have passed it on to other women ezars to rejoice with you and with them!  Rise up, O Daughters of the Most High!!  Live with grace and courage!D

    Debra SchottelkorbRelational Dynamics Specialist BridgeLives909-973-9805


  4. Terry McNichols says:

    Wow, Carolyn! Sounds like a great use for your book! You are certainly making a big impact on the Christian community with your great books! Love hearing from you and enjoyed the article by your husband! Terry

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  5. Kris Langley says:

    what wonderful news!

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  6. Sue Brubaker says:

    wow! What an organization to further God’s kingdom and how exciting they could get this important book of yours!


  7. A few years ago in Nairobi I shared with a group of international women leaders the profound impact The Gospel of Ruth had upon me as a young widow. I loved seeing the nodding heads and wide smiles of these women as I peeled back the fairy-tale layers of the narrative, just as you had for me over 20 years ago (before your book had even been published!) May the Lord water what’s been planted in each woman’s heart in Kampala! So grateful for you and all your powerful books, Carolyn.


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