Holding Fast

We’re coming up to the two year anniversary of the death of Frank’s brother Kelly James on Mount Hood in December 2006. Those of you who have lost a loved one will understand when I say that even two years later the journey of grief is still new to us. Kelly left a big hole in our lives, and that is especially true for Frank. This has been a time of deep spiritual reflection and honest wrestlings with God. You can read more about that on the Three Mt. Hood Climbers blog.

Karen James just released her book, Holding Fast: The Untold Story of the Mount Hood Tragedy, in which she recounts those harrowing days of crisis on Mount Hood in which her husband Kelly and his two climbing partners, Brian Hall and Nikko Cook, lost their lives.

In the book, she tells the story of her relationship with Kelly, their shared faith in God, and her personal journey with grief. She also employs her expertise as an investigative reporter in her search for answers of what went wrong. Her conclusions are endorsed by search and rescue experts who were involved in the efforts to find the missing climbers.

Saturday, November 15, on the Today Show, Lester Holt interviewed Karen about her book. To watch the interview, go here.

She’s also launched a website about her book: http://www.holdingfastforpurpose.com/

Be sure to look up Frank’s article, Balm for Broken Hearts

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